1000 Quakes Recorded In Japan In Last Two Weeks

Jasper and Sardine

KUMAMOTO — More than 1,000 seismic events had been recorded in Kumamoto and Oita prefectures by Thursday in the two weeks since a magnitude-6.5 earthquake struck southwestern Japan, while over 30,000 people remain evacuated from their homes.

The frequency of the seismic events, ranging from minor jolts to the M7.3 quake that occurred two days after the initial April 14 quake, is unusually high as the nation’s total last year was 1,842, the Japan Meteorological Agency said, urging people to stay alert for more earthquakes.

Major transportation lines were rapidly recovering in the region, with bullet train services on the Kyushu Shinkansen Line resuming on all tracks the day before and the Kyushu Expressway expected to fully open Friday.

But repairs to smaller roads have lagged behind, with rocks, trees and debris from buildings severing routes in at least 295 locations.

Debris and waste generated by the earthquakes have spilled…

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The Attack on Men

Our men are under attack! T.V. shows, movies, pop culture….for years they have been changing what we expect of our men, fathers and husbands. Often seen as buffoons or clowns, or over-worked businessmen who have no time for their families. Now what decent men are left have to stand by while their wives and daughters share a bathroom with any male who claims to identify as a woman.It is a shame, really, but why is it happening?