Can’t make sense of crazy

Serve Him in the Waiting

A man goes to a psychologist with a problem. “Doctor,” he says, “I’m suffering terribly. I feel like a woman trapped inside the body of a man. I want to become a woman.”
The psychologist responds: “No problem. We can discuss this idea for a couple of years, and if you’re still sure you want to be a woman, we can have a surgeon remove your penis, give you hormones for breast enlargement and make other changes to your body. Problem solved.”
Gratified, the first patient leaves, followed by a second. “Doctor,” he says, “I feel terrible. I’m a man but I feel attracted to other men. I want to change my sexual preference. I want to become heterosexual.”
The psychologist responds: “Oh no, absolutely not! That would be unethical. Sexual orientation is an immutable characteristic!”
Family therapist Adam Jessel offered a similar observation: “In today’s climate, if Bill tells…

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Got Fruit?

My Dreams and Visions

As I was praying this morning I saw a vision of people with baskets of fruit in baskets that they were carrying. They had so much fruit that the fruit was falling out of the baskets.  They also had people following them who were eating the fruit. Then I saw another group of people with baskets in their hands that contained no fruit and they were yelling and hurling accusations at the people who had fruit in their baskets and even picked up the fruit that had fallen from the ones with fruit in their baskets and hurled it back at them. They had no one following them because there was no fruit in their baskets. The fruit of which this vision speaks is the fruit of the Spirit. The empty baskets speaks to the people with little to no fruit in their lives.

(Gal 5:22) But the fruit of…

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Gog thinking…

Terry James Prophecy Line

One can sense the dark, coalescing thoughts that are going on within the 2016 presidential election cabals. No, I’m not talking about the U.S. presidential election smoke-filled, back-room wheeling and dealing. Rather, I refer to the intrigues that are no doubt presently taking place in the political chambers of Moscow. A very interesting Russian politician we all know about sits snugly ensconced within the seat of power at the Kremlin. He is no doubt contemplating the implications of the U.S. presidential election just ahead. Mysterious doings revolve around this self-promoting, sixty- something year-old former KGB officer with his ongoing macho performances, both actual and of questionable credibility.

We remember his photo ops on the shores of the Black Sea and other places where he proudly displayed his six-pack abs. Then, there is the story where he single-handedly dove into the depths of some body of water, then came up with…

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