“Earth’s Magnetism More Mysterious Than Ever”


A model of the Earth’s core and how it works to create the magnetic field was demonstrated in 2012. The findings left scientists scratching their heads as their ultimate conclusion was: the Earth’s magnetic field should NOT exist.  Then in 2015, a paper was submitted that at first appeared to discount the 2012 model in support of what was traditionally understood. The writers of that paper have since retracted, after realizing they miscalculated.  So, scientists have returned to scratching their heads as the 2012 model findings stand. Of course Bible believers do not scratch their heads about how the magnetic field (which protects us from cosmic radiation )exists.  We know Colossians 1 tells us that in Him (Jesus) all things in heaven and earth were created and in Him ALL THINGS HOLD TOGETHER.

There is also conjecture that the Earth’s poles are about to flip. While it is claimed it happens every 780 thousand years, as a young earth creationist, I doubt that number is correct. The BBC has an interesting article with video clips HERE.

Several months ago I watched a video on which the guest was suggesting there was a pole shift and such during the time of Noah,  which aided in the flooding of the whole earth. At the time, I dismissed it. However,  with all the wacky things that are allegedly happening now with the magnetic field,  poles and earth wobbling on its axis,  it might be worth at least considering what this guy has to say. The video is posted below.

Regardless,  we know the Earth is in store for some major upheaval in the years to come, particularly during the Tribulation period.

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