Gone from an order to a suggestion

Feds Ease Up on Order to Schools to Go Transgender – http://wp.me/p1aVPJ-2mr


3 thoughts on “Gone from an order to a suggestion

  1. Figures. Probably just afraid of millions of sheeple pulling their kids out of school altogether. Then, they won’t be as accessible for indoctrination. I just have to wonder at ANY Christian who sends their kids to government pagan shrines masquerading as schools. Foolish in the extreme. Thankfully, most of the families in my IFB church are homeschooling with wonderful results. Praise the Lord!

    • Yes, we home school too and fortunately I live in a state that does not regulate or interfere with home schools. We simply submit a letter of intent to home school and that’s it .

      • That’s wonderful! I home schooled our kids for over 25 years – and when we were doing it back in the day – it was illegal. A friend of mine was arrested and put in jail for truancy! Her four kids were placed with a foster family. This all happened while her husband was on the road – he was a big rig driver. She knew they deliberately waited till she was vulnerable to make their move.

        That was a long time ago – and home schooling is legal in Michigan – for now.

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