Guess what


There are just some subjects this word does not describe or define. There ARE absolutes. Some things just aren’t “readily reshaped or pliable ” . Gender is one of them.
Deception is so great and so common nowadays, even children are encouraged to lie to THEMSELVES.
A 13 year old may be physically big enough to drive a car, but yet it is illegal for them to do so. It has been determined they have not yet reached the minimum level of maturity to operate a motor vehicle,  taking their own lives,  as well as the lives of others,  into their hands when they pull out onto a public road. Why then is it okay for a 6 year old to determine they are of a gender different from which they were born?  Because they know what they like and how they feel? Most 6 year olds  would also like to eat candy 3 times a day and brush their teeth with kool aid. It doesn’t mean we just let them. It sets them up for a lifetime of bad health and heart ache. So, why do we feel free to let Samuel become Samantha? This is a decision that will affect the rest of their lives and quite probably their eternity.

Not only is it irresponsible parenting, it is abusive. Yes, abusive. What are we really teaching them? If you feel inclined towards something, it is your right to obtain it? That there are no absolutes? Are you absolutely sure about that? Lol.
It could go much deeper than that. We are teaching them there is no God, no Creator, who formed them. And if there is, He made a mistake by giving you boy genitalia when you should have female.
This is a complex topic with eternal ramifications. It is NOT, however, FLUID.

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