Gotta love small communities


This is “my church “. I live 4 houses down. We are a part of a small rural community in central KY. To the right of this photo is my SIC’s home where she grooms dogs. A week ago, one of the doggies she was grooming got away from her and took off running through the woods. For a week the entire community has been searching, calling and keeping an eye out for this dog.  My husband thought he saw her this morning outside the only local store/restaurant. I went to see and it was her but she took off running down the road. Others gathered outside the restaurant saw her too. Well, the owner finally has her!
My point is,  cities may have more “choices ” for entertainment and “culture ” but they don’t hold a candle to small communities peopled with folks who know and care for one another. The same can be said for small congregations,  like the one I attend.