Watch “WAKE UP Time To DIE!!” on YouTube


3 thoughts on “Watch “WAKE UP Time To DIE!!” on YouTube

  1. I should clarify the above comment refers to the FEMA video. And actually there were several that FEMA put out with the same sort of theme. Kleck is one of those guys that I have steered away from, but keep coming back to because even though I have seen some things in his body of work that cause me to think he is still a fairly new believer and particularly his language at times in past videos, but he definitely sees things most people miss and seems to detect spiritual significance in them, even if his conclusions may not always necessarily seem “sound”, I kind of feel the Lord is in what he discovers and puts out there, so I stay open to his stuff but whenever I have shared any of it, it’s been with a disclaimer. I just keep in mind that God’s only option for vessels are us imperfect humans. We don’t always know what God is doing even when He is obviously using us. Very interesting stuff!

    • Yes, I am the same way. There are some others that I take with a grain of salt as they have some beliefs that I don’t agree with; such as the teaching that Satan was sexually intimate with Eve. There is no biblical basis for such hogwash. While I feel it is important to recognize the enemy, way too many Christians are putting too much emphasis on the demonic.

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