Germany To Construct Church/Synagogue/Mosque Combination- ‘The House Of One’

I did NOT know this about the peace sign!

Jasper and Sardine

house of one bricks

(TRUNEWS) The march to one world religion is stepping at a much faster beat today, as “The House of One” being built in Berlin, Germany plans to accommodate the three major monotheistic religions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity under one roof.

Berlin is soon to become home to something truly unique. Jews, Christians, and Muslims are planning to build a house of worship here – one that brings a synagogue, a church, and a mosque together under one roof. The three separate sections will be linked by a communal room in the center of the building. This will serve as a meeting place, where worshippers and members of the public can come together and learn more about the religions and each other.

Even though the Jewish population in Berlin is small, and Islam is rapidly increasing, each of the major faiths will be granted equal size worship areas…

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