Up to my eyeballs

in house work and gathering things to put in my mom’s yard sale.


There is always a sense of relief in “getting rid” of stuff that is accomplishing no more than occupying space and creating clutter.  While Hubs is a bit of a hoarder (at least he’s organized and clean about it ), I’m more practical.  If I have it, I use it. If I’m not using it, pass it to someone who will. Today’s big task,  though, is going through all the kids’ toys. I told Buck he can help me decide what to sell and keep whatever money he makes off his old toys. He’s already decided what he’s going to buy once he’s “rich”, :).
Anyway,  there may not be much posting today.  Weekends are usually slow on this blog anyway.

2 thoughts on “Up to my eyeballs

  1. It is a lot of work, but getting rid of stuff is always a relief, isn’t it? The trick is keeping from accumulating more. I have so many people always trying to give me their “treasures” because they feel guilty giving it to Goodwill or throwing it in the trash. I tell them, the day is coming it is all going to burn anyway. I have gotten firmer in my “no, thank you” and better at getting rid of stuff, but it still mysteriously accumulates. I have never had the patience for yard sales, but one rule I had when I did have them, is that nothing comes back in the door. Trash, Goodwill, or leave it in a pile for the neighborhood scavengers to pick through, or place a “curb alert” on Craigslist. Just get it gone!

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