Watch “Strange “Demonic” Attacks Happening Worldwide! (2016)” on YouTube

Folks this is incredibly disturbing. They aren’t holding anything back. Tell me, what do ghosts and goats and goat-headed men and creepy bugs have to do with the opening of a tunnel that runs under/through the Swiss Alps? It is an obvious satanic ritual (though they would probably say Luciferian). If this doesn’t wake you up, you need serious help! Do not be fooled into this great deception. Do not continue to think none of this affects you! There is such a thing as evil and its master and minions want only to see you cast into torment. They will lie to you, ARE lying to you, and may take on the appearance of goodness BUT NOTHING OUTSIDE OF JEHOVAH GOD AND HIS CHRIST JESUS IS GOOD! Jesus, GOD, gave Himself so YOU might have Life!  The pleasures of this world produce only death. Please wake up! Please listen to the call of the Holy Spirit!!!

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