Exposing the Darkness-The Vatican and Islam

Oh wow, I apologize for having not completed the Exposing the Darkness Series. I have been preoccupied with personal issues and any time I’ve had to sit down and actually type…well, I’ve just been too tired. Anyway, to catch up or refresh click a link below.

Exposing the Darkness: Introduction

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Exposing the Darkness: Esoteric Symbolism and Illuminati Cont

Exposing the Darkness: Free Masons and the Vatican.

We will go back and review and summarize at the end of the series, for now I want to focus on the Vatican and its possible connection to Islam.

A former Jesuit priest by the name of Alberto Rivera (died in 1997) claimed that while he was a priest, a prominent Cardinal explained to him that Islam was created by the Roman Catholic Church, namely, the Vatican.

If you are like me, you are probably asking, “What on earth for? Christianity and Islam are diabolically opposed and have been warring against one another for hundreds of years!”

Well, first of all, let’s be clear that Catholicism is NOT Christianity; at least not by the Bible’s definition. In fact, the word “Catholic” means “Universal”.

Secondly, once you know the reasons why the Vatican would create Islam-and wrote the Quran- it will all make sense. The Vatican wants control of Jerusalem. It also wants to be the “universal” religion to the world. It wants the world’s entire religious system under its thumb. There are just two problems: the Jews and the REAL Christians.

So, the Vatican decided to establish a religion for the Arab people. This religion will, at its core, work to eradicate the Jews and annihilate the true followers of The Way. It is the same old equation: thesis rubbing against anti-thesis creates synthesis. As the videos below will explain, there is not really a war between Islam and Catholicism. They are two peas in a pod, one a product of the other.

Watch the two videos below. They really helped me put the pieces together. Watch them two or three times even.

There are many articles and people who claim Rivera was lying, of course. I don’t know. But it certainly makes sense: the Vatican being behind EVERYTHING that happens in the world; the pope meeting with the prominent Imam the other week….the emergence of CHRISLAM. It is all tying together. Lord willing in the next day or two, we will tie it all together and piece together what is really going on.

Until then, Maranatha!




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