ACLU Says Christians to Blame for Orlando Attack

By the Blood of the Lamb

Finally! I’ve been waiting for one of these demonic reprobates to speak up and say this. I mean, false flag shootings are constantly engineered to erode the second amendment; but, what are the odds that this isn’t going to be used by the gay mafia to persecute Christians at the same time? It’s the perfect two-for-one operation. Satan’s minions never let a crisis go to waste.

Please realize what we are up against if we remain steadfast bible-believing followers of Christ. This dark world absolutely hates us, because they hate Jesus. They will cheer and celebrate our destruction as we are persecuted for being the most narrow minded, ignorant, and intolerant bunch of “domestic terrorists” that this world has ever seen. Seek the Lord now for the strength to stand against this rising tide of demonic despotism.

If this doesn’t get you fired up, your wood is wet!



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One thought on “ACLU Says Christians to Blame for Orlando Attack

  1. Satan’s afraid of us, that is why he’s playing his little schemes to bring us down. Let us stand together in faith, with God.
    With Jesus Christ the Son of God, and with the Spirit of God, that we protect ourselves and our families and our near and dear ones, from the event of sin. For sin has a communal effect. Jesus Christ is with us, we shall not be afraid.
    Let us become worthy children of God.
    Amen Hallelujah
    God Bless you all.


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