The most wonderful news!

Today, on Father’s Day of all days, BOTH my children went forward to make their confessions of faith, ask Jesus to take away their sins, and be baptized.  Words cannot express how I feel.

You may recall my daughter is special needs. She does not fully understand what it’s all about, but SHE made this decision all on her own. No one prompted her or persuaded her and she did it independent of her brother. God knows her better than I do and we were not about to dissuade her, as she will likely never fully understand.

My son is 6 but he approached me and told me he wanted to “trust and obey Jesus and be baptized “. I asked him a few questions and he understood as well as anybody. My dad, the man in the video who baptized them, spoke with them both beforehand.

To say I’m proud would be an understatement.