I still have an uneasy feeling

Look, I understand all the reasons Christians say they are voting for Trump. The main reason, of course, is to keep Hillary out of the White House.  The video I shared earlier made some reasonable points.  I get it.

I wouldn’t say I’m paranoid.  That implies I actually worry about the outcome.  I guess one could say I’m cautious and hesitant to feel good about voting for Trump. I will never vote for Hillary, but of course not voting for Trump is voting for Hillary.

I simply do not trust any of them. I do not trust the people behind the curtain most of all. I am praying that the Trump supporters are not being made fools of and duped and played. What are the chances all of this Trump business is a mind game? That they wanted him in all along but are making it seem like he’s a rogue politician who’s gonna stick it to the establishment?  After all, they pulled off 9/11 didn’t they?

What To Do When Trouble Strikes

Becoming Bridge Builders


The events of the past week have been saddening.  It began with the terror attacks in Orlando, and the responses to the attacks just added to the misery.  Instead of the country coming together and dealing with the real threats we face as a nation, people went right away into camps.  And the horrible statements and accusations that have come out of those various camps have made me cringe.  Civility is gone, compassion for the victims and their families no longer exists, the camps are driven by their agendas, meanwhile we are becoming a nation of individual ideologies.  Is that really what we have been called to do?  Is that the witness we really want to display to the world?  Someone once said there is nothing new under the sun.  This is not the only time in history there has been conflict and tension between various camps.

We are living…

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