Divine Authority


There is only one source of divine authority extant throughout this world, and that is the inspired, infallible, inerrant, preserved Word of God.  Only God’s Word proclaims with His authority, “thus saith the Lord” and holds us all accountable, sinner and saint alike, to this divine authority.  The Bible alone is truth and declares to us our standing before Holy God and gives to us the only way to be reconciled to Him.  Today, God’s Holy Word, the Bible, is under attack from pulpit to pen, where there are many who consider it to be no more than a book containing propositional truths, or the beliefs of Jesus and His apostles, rather than God’s Word that must be heard and obeyed by all peoples at all times.  This is a radical statement of faith, especially in this time of relativistic ecumenicalism that rages throughout the visible church.  It is the…

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