I still have an uneasy feeling

Look, I understand all the reasons Christians say they are voting for Trump. The main reason, of course, is to keep Hillary out of the White House.  The video I shared earlier made some reasonable points.  I get it.

I wouldn’t say I’m paranoid.  That implies I actually worry about the outcome.  I guess one could say I’m cautious and hesitant to feel good about voting for Trump. I will never vote for Hillary, but of course not voting for Trump is voting for Hillary.

I simply do not trust any of them. I do not trust the people behind the curtain most of all. I am praying that the Trump supporters are not being made fools of and duped and played. What are the chances all of this Trump business is a mind game? That they wanted him in all along but are making it seem like he’s a rogue politician who’s gonna stick it to the establishment?  After all, they pulled off 9/11 didn’t they?


2 thoughts on “I still have an uneasy feeling

  1. We know Hillary is Illumanati. When I watched Trump’s “The Apprentice” show years ago, I recall him repeatedly making that triangle symbol with his hands that we see made so often by Illuminati members/victims. I suspect both candidates are sold out to the devil…

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