Know Your Enemy Parts 1-5

As promised, here are the first 5 videos in the Know Your Enemy video series put out by The Fuel Project. This series is incredible and really puts things into perspective, with a
Christian worldview-which is the only true worldview.

The following videos include the Introduction, Lucifer, Adam to Nimrod, Babylon and Semiramus. I really hope you take the time to view all videos in this series. It is well worth your time.

I want to thank the reader that brought these to my attention. PLEASE FORGIVE ME, I cannot remember which of you it was! If it was YOU, please comment. I’m so sorry I’ve forgotten and cannot find it in my notifications/comments. Anyway, THANK YOU dear sister, for I know it was a she. 🙂




3 thoughts on “Know Your Enemy Parts 1-5

  1. It was the Lord through me, and although I do NOT know the young Scottsman who made the series, it was definitely the Lord tbrough him! Thank YOU, Marcia, mother of two, for watching it and now encouraging others to watch it! The Lord teaches us much about the different guises of Satan’s work throughout history therein.

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