My thoughts on the RNC grand finale

I have no warm fuzzies for Trump . I just told my dad this afternoon that I’m afraid if he is elected, he is going to disappoint /surprise alot of his supporters. I, too, can’t shake the feeling that Americans are once again being played for fools and that Trump is placed here for nefarious purposes.

Serve Him in the Waiting

Having his beautiful and well-spoken daughter introduce Trump and testify to his greatness as a man, was a no-brainer and very expedient setup for Trump’s acceptance speech.  She is a chip off the old block, therefore for her to speak is virtually for him to speak, just in a more appealing  “wrapper” from a purely aesthetic standpoint.  She sounded very much like someone who has had extensive elocution coaching, professional training as a model/spokesperson and pageant participation experience.  She pulled it off like the polished a professional that she is.  She may have even managed to humanize The Donald a little bit, in that freakish, people-are-so-obsessed-with-the-“real“-lives-of-celebrities kind of way.  I tend to go more with what his son said about him, that”there is no other side to him”.  I’m sure it was spoken to mean “what you see is what you get”, but    I mean, one dimension…

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