Hillary Clinton Has a Seizure on Camera? : snopes.com

Now, I’m not suggesting that Snopes is a reliable source. They are likely owned and controlled by the same NWO bunch. I’m sharing this because they show the Hillary “seizure “video in what appears to be its original form. Snopes reports, and it seems obvious,  that she was reacting to the ladies to her right who suddenly bombarded her with questions.
No doubt Hillary is a woman under demonic influence.  However, I do not think she is possessed. As Jonathan Kleck pointed out in an earlier video, her eyes do seem to go very black at one point though. 


4 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Has a Seizure on Camera? : snopes.com

  1. I’ve watched this video on several different blogs all with their own explanations. I’ve seen the demon-possessed explanation, and I’m not saying that’s not a possibility, but there was the accident she had a few short years ago. If you recall she fell and hit her head and was out of commission for nearly six months. It could be actual seizures she’s having and it’s been mentioned that she might have MS. That being said, that video is certainly weird. She snapped back out of it way too quick, laughing it off as too much caffeine (I believe was her excuse). I would think that if it were an actual physical seizure of some sort, she would have collapsed on the floor. It’s certainly odd to say the least.


    1. I agree. Snopes (whom I don’t usually trust) says she was just reacting to the barage of questions, then made fun of herself. After seeing the original video in context, I say that’s what actually happened. Unfortunately there are people out there who try to sensationalize everything for view count.

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      1. That is a common misconception about what a seizure looks like. All seizures do not include collapse. But I frankly would attribute this behavior more likely to her being over-medicated. Which could be an indication of many things from her handlers giving her something to stay awake for long hours, to addiction to pain med, to a little too much “liquid courage” before she walked out to meet the gaggle of reporters. I say this from my experience as an RN, (retired). And yes, Snopes is totally in the bag for the liberal agenda.


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