The betrayal by Republicans and Conservatives

Cry and Howl

Folks, I’m not the kind of person who will give up anything without a fight. I don’t mean just taking a few swings for show. I earned a 2nd Dan black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do quite a few years back. (Kukkiwon registration #0541180) My “master” was Grand Master Won Chic Park, Ft. Worth, Texas. I mentioned that to say, Grand Master Park taught me and his other black belt students to never underestimate your opponent, never stop the fight until you win. You don’t let your foe get up once you get them down and even when they say, “I’ve had enough,” don’t stop until you perceive they’ve had enough. Another thing, you never, ever betray who you are aligned with, even if you don’t personally like them. You fight along side them and work out your differences later.

Yet, what we have in this presidential election are nothing but people…

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