Erasing History, Creating Idiots

Lee Duigon

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History is the collective memory of the human race, everything that has happened, good and bad. Without it we are condemned to perpetual childhood, or even amnesia.

Now morons at Wisconsin University have removed two historical paintings because they could be “potentially traumatic” to some students and make others “feel bad” ( ).

One painting depicts French fur traders peacefully trading with the Indians. The other memorializes the first fort erected in Wisconsin, just sort of sitting there. No violence. But still potentially traumatic, as in doing serious and lasting psychological harm. We know that because the college’s Diversity Leadership Team has told us so.

Another thing we know is that the college has way, way, way too much money; otherwise it couldn’t afford a Diversity Leadership Team. Or else they’d have to cut medical services, food service,  electricity use or some other trivial thing so they could keep…

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