A letter to my breadwinner husband | Fox News

Editor’s note: The following column originally appeared on SuzanneVenker.com. It is used with permission.

My dearest Bill,

The other day, around 3:00pm on a random Wednesday, I was headed to the grocery store to get something to make for dinner. As you know, I’ve been slacking on the food front for some time and can’t seem to get organized the way I used to. Remember when I would go through our cookbooks every Sunday and plan the meals for the week, and then shop once for the entire week? I know, I know, I always made a second trip; but still, the bulk of the food was in the fridge.

I did that for more than a decade, but it was such a monotonous task I can’t bring myself to keep up with it. So now I play ‘catch as catch can’ and, as you like to say, shop like a French woman who goes to the store each day for that night’s meal. This has its own annoyances, but at least there’s food on the table.

Anyhow, on my way there Wednesday I was thinking about how grateful I am to have never, in all the years since we had kids, had to face a trip to the grocery store in the evening or on the weekend. I have always gone on a weekday—always—which has made the quality of my life so much better not having to deal with the stress of long lines or having to make sure I get to the store at the final hour. There was always the next day. Continue at link below 


One thought on “A letter to my breadwinner husband | Fox News

  1. Gratitude is so important, especially for the one expressing it! It is always a blessing to see God’s ideal for the family being lived out, written about, and appreciated.
    What is lacking here is reference to the Lord Jesus. My prayer is that people receive Christ as their Savior, submit to and know Him as their Lord, truly know who God has made them in Christ (!!), and that they seek God’s will and carry it empowered by His Holy Spirit. Amen.


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