Preacher or Pastor What’s the difference?

This is one of my dad’s pet peeves, though he is good natured about it. At his last church he was the pastor because he was also an elder. However at his current congregation he is the preacher only.
In short, most people call the preacher pastor but that isn’t always true. A pastor is an elder. The preacher, the one who delivers the sermons, may or may not be the elder/pastor.

Borger church of Christ @ Franklin & Juniper

MOST FOLKS, myself included, have a hard time remembering names. However, many can remember what you do, probably because it’s more tangible than a name.    Let me share with you a conversation that I have nearly every single day;

Them: Hello pastor.
Me: Hello, I’m not a pastor, I’m a preacher.
Them: what’s the difference?
Me: a bunch, would you like to study it?
Them: No, I’m good.

This typical conversation has been condensed for space. I’m never short with them, always jovial and kind, but I do use it as an opportunity to engage in a gospel conversation with folks.

This article is for them. For all of us really. It will be posted online as a tool you can use when they ask you, “what’s your pastor like?”

What’s the difference?

Although all pastors are preachers, not all preachers are pastors.

PREACHERS: These people are “a herald…

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