So, did the big debate change your mind?

Or did you even watch?

I managed to sit through it. My mind is not changed. They are both pitiful candidates. I DO feel a little better about Trump though. But the actual debate isn’t really the point of this post; the commentary flowing through my Facebook feed is. 

If this debate and its subsequent commentaries by my diverse circle of FB friends convinced me of one thing it is that the enemy has done an excellent job of infiltrating and thus dividing people who claim the title of Christianity. 

I wonder what a psychoanalyst would conclude about me based on my “Facebook friends”. I have those who would call themselves “progressive Christians” that lean far left; those who are tea party patriots and lean far right; and then there are those who don’t bother to have an opinion one way or another. Here’s the thing: I don’t fall under any of those camps, though I tend to agree more with the conservative right wingers.  I really don’t lean left or right anymore because I am looking up. 

Again, I digress. 

The two major camps represented in my FB feed are very sincere. Both are convinced theirs is the true Christian view. I honestly can’t see how a “Christian ” can support abortion and a number of other issues but that’s just it: it all boils down to one’s interpretation of the Bible. satan has done a marvelous job of twisting God’s word and even diminishing its authority in the eyes of the church. Mainstream Christianity today does not view the Bible as inerrant or the true Word of God. I even had one friend talk about how he and Paul don’t agree on much. I have news for him, it isnt Paul he is disagreeing with,  but God almighty! 

Yes, I am more convinced now than ever that the anti-Christ spirit is growing stronger and stronger.  I personally am at a loss in how to break through to those Christians who are woefully deceived. 

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