Watch “Wake up America! – Dr. John Coleman (Illuminati, Committee of 300)” on YouTube

This is the video to which I referred earlier. It is quite long and Dr. Coleman is not a flashy speaker, but what he has to say needs to be heard.  This was apparently filmed during Clinton’s presidency, so it is dated,  but still very relevant to what is happening today.

3 thoughts on “Watch “Wake up America! – Dr. John Coleman (Illuminati, Committee of 300)” on YouTube

  1. Ties much of what the Lord has been showing us together from and economic and political viewpoint rather than a spiritual viewpoint. Shall I be “punny” and call this video illuminating? Thanks again for your interesting ministry, sister.

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      1. No. 😊 Honestly, I don’t recall if I meant to type “interesting” of if the phone’s auto-correct changed what I typed! But I do find your ministry unique and interesting. The first time I visited your blog I learned of the bizarre Satanic production at the opening of the 36 mile tunnel in Switzerland; you were also the means by which the Lord revealed to me that Jesus Himself taught the doctrine of imminency in His Olivet discourse (see Part 7 of the series “Our Exalted Position”

        The Lord has us both focused in large part on His imminent “harpazo” of His Bride, but works differently with us. He has me immersed in the Scriptures: He unfolds them and “connects the dots” then gives me to write/share the revelation (between taking our younger daughter to and from school and nearly-never-ending volleyball and basketball games and tournaments…) You, on the other hand, He apparently has watching many videos pertaining to the subject from varied sources while you home school your children… I praise Him for the intricate functioning of the magnificent Body of Christ, and I thank you for your unusual (to me,at least) ministry!


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