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Serve Him in the Waiting

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Ya’ll know I have a problem with, when my head is too full, I just dump out everything, right?  I am having one of those days, in the midst of one of those periods, when I just want everything to stop a dad-gum minute and let me catch my breath and get my bearings.  Vertigo is not fun!

(As our younger son once said as he exited the “fun house” at the fair, “That was NOT a FUN HOUSE!”).

It’s ridiculous, too, that I never feel on top of things,considering I am someone who doesn’t have a job, and only one kid still at home, and for the most part, he’s self-sufficient.

Despite the “given” that I have health and sensory mental/emotional challenges, I still feel that inner mandate to try and measure up to the popular idea and standard of productivity that would have…

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