Watch “Watch Donald Trump Rushed Off Stage by Secret Service Reno Nevada Rally” on YouTube

No sound.

Trump rushed off stage after a fight broke out in front of the podium. As far as I know at this time, one man was arrested. Unconfirmed reports say someone saw a gun. Again, the gun is unconfirmed. Another Hillary camp plant? Don’t know. 

(Side note, I just happened to choose this video and channel. I don’t believe for a moment the channel owner matches the name). 

BIPOLAR AMERICA: The Cementing of Division

Real Christianity

         Regardless of who gets elected on Tuesday, one thing is certain: America has become absolutely divided into two distinct halves and each half has coalesced into powerfully unified blocs in complete opposition to the other.


         The Presidential Election will only cement this divide.



         One side still possesses a modicum of respect and honor, is still able to feel shame and thus possess a level of humility which leads to apology and even repentance when called for, is aware of right and wrong, and honors America. It displays real love, is largely unselfish, and understands that sacrifice for the greater good is a must. It acts as a preserving and building agent, and can be counted on to do the right thing. If judged on its overall deeds and intentions, this group would do well before the Lord.

         The other side…

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