THE PEOPLE vs. THE ESTABLISHMENT: Defining the 2016 Presidential Election

Yes, yesterday was indeed The People vs The Establishment and The People won, by the grace of God. I’ve said before, my FB feed is split down the middle in terms of politics. It is much like the nearly even split of the election. I feel very sad for those who are literally mourning Hillary’s loss. I’m sad they just couldn’t see her, and Washington, for what they are. They remain convinced the devil won last night.

Only time will tell if Trump brings the positive changes so many are hoping for. The talking heads kept saying they underestimated the white uneducated. Darn tooting. Rural America may not have a stack of college degrees, but they aren’t stupid. They are the backbone of America, the “salt of the earth” as they say. But not only that, some may be “country” but are very highly educated. In all, Trump won because people are fed up with the establishment. People are waking up.
It is my prayer that Christians continue to wake up and put on the full armor of Christ, for our battle was not against Hillary or Washington, but continues to be with the powers and principalities of darkness.
Do not fall back into complacency. Now, more than ever, we must shine the Light. The rapture is still imminent. Our time is still short. We have been given another chance to be about our Father’s work in freedom, for however long it may last.

Real Christianity

ARISE, SHINE        

         The world is changing before our eyes but the majority still sleeps. There comes a point when one must acknowledge that sleepers continue sleeping not because they need any more rest but because they have thrown the alarm clock out the window.

         Truth is the alarm clock. Establishment purveyors have barred it from the premises. They have chosen their respective versions of shallow, sleepy time reality for all under their care and are thus causing many to miss the boat. Noah’s Ark is floating off. You know the rest. (“Hey Noah! Wait up!”)

         Keep in mind that many who end up very hot and bothered will end up that way for the same reason so many Pharisees did.


         “So you, too, outwardly appear righteous to men, but inwardly you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.” [Matthew 23:28]

         What the Lord…

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3 thoughts on “THE PEOPLE vs. THE ESTABLISHMENT: Defining the 2016 Presidential Election

  1. Our country still needs an outpouring of prayer. It isn’t January yet and the division seems to be growing. Makes my heart so heavy.


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