I guess it’s time

For another disclaimer. Most of the things I share are because I found them interesting or thought provoking. It does not mean I agree with everything the author has ever said or done. In a world full of misinformation and false prophets it is important we test the spirits. Some things are obviously against scripture. Others may not be as specific. If I ever post something that you have evidence that it’s simply not true, please tell me! This blog is not meant to teach so much as a place to collect my own thoughts. If someone draws closer to the Lord after visiting this blog, God be praised!  I absolutely don’t want to be a stumbling block though!! 


11 thoughts on “I guess it’s time

  1. Hi Marcia! I could tell that you posted items you found thought-provoking, but I did not know that you used the blog to collect your thoughts. Thanks for sharing that. I look forward to finally meeting you in the very near future at the last trumpet!
    Regarding our thoughts, if we’re honest and truly pressing into the Lord, we realize that our continual growth in Christ causes us to see things differently than we saw them just a short time ago. In other words, we disagree not just with our dear brothers and sisters on many matters, but we disagree with our (former) selves! We are all works in process – sanctification is a process…

  2. I appreciate what you are sharing. There are a lot of interesting articles out there that make me think. I don’t believe everything I read, and as you said, we must use discernment and to test the spirits. Please keep sharing. 🙂

  3. I owe you an apology for the comment last night. I was conflicted about leaving it and convicted when I woke up. this morning, I let my own frustrations override my obligation to be harmless as doves and loving… If nothing else . i should have addressed my thoughts rivately and I believe the apology should always be as public as the offense. You do good work here , Marcia, and I am sorry to have hurt, embarrassed and/or discouraged you .. Please forgive me. I didn’t even heed my normal ‘ Proverbs 10:19 rule for commenting. It’s been a long battle and wearing and I know it isn’t over. Spiritual warfare is rife with landmines, isn’t it? The enemy laughs when we step on them and wound our own testimony and fellow soldiers.

    • Oh dear Sandee….I took absolutely no offense at your comment! None whatsoever. I needed to make this disclaimer because I, too, don’t always agree with Ben-Nun’s doctrine. His perspective on world events, and his location in eastern Europe, are interesting and worth considering. I value your advice and input more than you know. Besides, anyone who puts their thoughts out there for the world to see needs to have some thick skin or keep quiet. Again, you did not offend me and no apology is necessary. We’ve spoken enough that I think I understand a little of where you come from, which is Christian love. You are a dear sister and never need to worry about speaking your heart to me. 🙂

      • Ok, good, lol. I was tired and being as unfiltered as I generally am as it is, I thought I had better be sure and cover that base, not wanting to cause offense or division. I think my post today will shed some light on how I was feeling yesterday. I definitely understand that fine line that is so hard to keep to, when you post for a mature and prophecy-literate audience, and yet having to keep in mind that readers could be anyone from newborns in Christ to unsaved looking for answers. It gets tedious to post disclaimers with every post, but I have eaten crow and removed stuff many times because of later learning something more about a speaker. I thought later how the “we” in my comment could have sounded condescending, but no, I actually meant to include myself in having the same predicament. Love ya girl!

  4. I think that should go without saying! 🙂 I love the information you share. Not all of it is going to resonate, but I do enjoy staying informed and appreciate what you are doing on your blog. Seriously. Don’t stop!!!

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