I lost my bearing for a bit

I admit I got caught up in the whole Trump hullabaloo the last couple of days. It was easy to do, since people I love and respect deeply were so excited and encouraged by his seemingly miraculous victory. At first glance it looked like decency (of American blue collars) triumphed over debauchery.

Today my head is clearing and I’m reminded of my own statements throughout this election cycle.

If you recall, I said early on (and repeatedly) that Trump may be the globalists’ Plan B. I repeatedly asked myself, ‘What if he’s elected only for the purpose of dividing the country further?’

Well the division is certainly there, as we see the riots breaking out all over. No doubt many of them are Soros’ henchmen. Others are playing into the national psyop they’ve been working on for a long time. 

Speaking of Soros, apparently he and Trump go back a long way. He even helped fund Trump Tower. My guess is, the strings attached to that loan have come due.

I would love it if Trump were the real deal, thumbing his nose at the luciferian establishment and the evil NWO. I have a feeling, though, he is another contributor to the Hegelian Dialectic.


7 thoughts on “I lost my bearing for a bit

  1. Marcia, in love I remind you that our bearing must always be in Christ! We keep our hope in HIM! Our hope is in what HE will accomplish through His earthen conduits!. The hearts of kings are in His rule and governance!
    Join us in praising our magnificent Lord for what HE just accomplished! Many, many intercessors have had the privilege of interceding as He has directed us for this nation, and the prayers of the righteous (in Christ!) are powerful and effective!!
    Bottom line: when you feel as you do, you do not have your hope in the Lord, but in men. Praise God, we put off the old man (repent!) and put on the new man who has been renewed into His image in Christ! We rejoice in the Lord always, and speak forth His glorious will/word into the heavenly realms, trampling the lion and the serpent!

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