Something Is Happening Here, But What It Is Ain’t Exactly Clear…

Mr. Best makes some interesting points. Please read.


Who really is Donald Trump? There is no doubt that the hand of the Lord was upon “The Donald” and that he may well be a Cyrus, the great  King who came and set God’s people free of the Babylonians so they could go back and restore Jerusalem and rebuild their temple. Of that there appears little doubt.

This has grave ramifications for the apostate Christians of today – and instead of cheering because of a worldly “turning around of America” it appears to be instead a DEADLY WARNING to His people to REPENT IN TRUTH, come out of this world totally, and get ready for trouble is coming this way.

Jewish Rabbis are saying out loud that Trump is connected to Messiah and thus feel that Trump is INDEED THE LAST TRUMP before the RETURN.  According to the time lines discovered in the Omega Code, they may be right…

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6 thoughts on “Something Is Happening Here, But What It Is Ain’t Exactly Clear…

  1. I’ll share my comment to him with you here just in case he doesn’t choose to post my comment: “Ask and it shall be answered! Seek and you shall find! In love I exhort you to spend more time pressing into the Lord with your questions; resist the temptation to be alarmed and to alarm. Discernment is key: those disciples who speak only what the Lord is speaking and do only what He leads them to do serve Him mightily!”

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