I think it is a mistake if anyone is expecting things to let up due to a Trump Win

Very wise words from ST Lloyd.

Serve Him in the Waiting

I just want to make that clear. Those of us who voted Trump after soul-searching and prayer, knew all along that even if we got behind Trump, it was risky, but the alternative was unthinkable.  I would like to see us give the guy a chance, and give the Lord time, because no matter what the enemy has up his sleeve and no matter how many decades that plan has been in the works, God always knew it and can always override it.  We can’t be surprised or get worried about whether we were taken in, first of all because we aren’t (no one should be) trusting in Trump to begin with, and secondly because we need to make up our minds whether we believe God at His word for answering prayers.  I have not been praying for this nation to be spared, just for the Believers in this nation…

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Be Careful How You Use The Word Uneducated | jasonlsanders.com

The word uneducated has been thrown around a lot over the past couple of days. It’s one of those words that can’t really be used in a nice way. We don’t say that children are uneducated. We just say that they’re in the process of getting their education. Usually, when we use the word uneducated, we’re trying to find a nice way to call people dumb. The only problem is that it’s not too nice. And it’s, well, an uneducated thing to say.

A while back I was driving my 1990-something automobile down a busy road at night when smoke suddenly started coming out from under the hood. I jumped out at a red light and tried to correct the issue. About a mile down the road, my 1990-something automobile reminded me that I don’t know anything about cars. The smoke got worse but I managed to guide the dying automobile into a church parking lot.

I got out and said a prayer.

And then I made a phone call.

The guys who came to help me don’t carry any initials after their names. They’ve never been asked to write a book about anything. They’ll probably never give a commencement address. I, on the other hand, have spent a lot of years in school. When I finish my current degree I will have spent almost as much time in school after high school graduation as I did before.

But standing next to that dead car of mine, guess who the uneducated one was. 

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