Happy Thanksgiving 

​Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours. 

Every holiday which has its beginning centered around The Sovereign Lord has, throughout the years, lost its center. Thanksgiving has become about family and food, both of which are good and noble, but let us not forget Who supplies these needs and blessings. The birth of the Savior of our very souls has become almost an afterthought at Christmas, with so much hoopla surrounding gifts and “Santa”. May we cast aside the patterns of our culture, as commanded in Romans 12, and renew our minds to be focused solely upon Him. We have excused our idolatry by laying claim that our idols are simply representations, or symbols, of our Lord. We have forgotten the commandment to NOT make for ourselves any graven image. We have also forgotten how Aaron forged the golden calf and placed it before the Hebrews declaring, this is your gods who brought you out of Egypt”. Perhaps he rationalized to himself that the golden calf merely represented Jehovah, because he encouraged them to burn offerings and celebrate to the Lord.  However,  Jehovah was not at all pleased and 3000 people died and a plague was put upon them for their idolatry. Point is: don’t take something of this world and say it represents Almighty God for IT DOES NOT. What is that old saying? The road to hell is paved with good intentions? 

We have the very word of God which He preserved through the centuries for us, even we gentiles,  so ignorance and upbringing and tradition are no excuse. 

To God the Father and Yeshua His Son be praise forever and ever. Amen.


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