Goa goes cashless with SIM-sticker

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The Indian state of Goa enforces people to use mobile-phone banking, to become the first cashless area from 31st of December.

sim2 India is in the frontline in the last war on cash, a sign of the beginning of the Great Tribulation.

The Goa State Co-operative Bank (GSCB) in its endeavour to adopt cashless transactions will be launching  a mobile banking facility, based on SIM sleeve technology which can be used even without Internet connectivity.

sim The SIM-card sticker will also work when placed on the forehand.

goa12 The age of the final antichrist is about to begin.

Addressing the media, GSCB chairman Ulhas Phaldesai said that the cooperative societies in the state have resolved to achieve the target of commencing cashless transactions by December 25.

“The co-operative societies met on Monday and have unanimously resolved to proceed to achieve the target by December 25 to adhere to the given timeframe of December…

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