Watch “Is “Thunderstorm Asthma” a Biowarfare Weapon? They Are Releasing Live Viruses” on YouTube


11 thoughts on “Watch “Is “Thunderstorm Asthma” a Biowarfare Weapon? They Are Releasing Live Viruses” on YouTube

    • I’ve begun the video at the link you shared. I’m not sure what to make of it either at this time. I’m certainly going to pray and study about it. I’ve never heard of the man mentioned.

    • Ok, so I’m taking notes while watching this. Major red flag: rabbis calling Trump being elected as a messianic era and basing it on the Zohar. It is my understanding the Zohar is mystical Judaism, which is NOT the faith of Abraham, but is rather polluted and distorted by the Babylonian mysticism and religion. This man may be a false prophet. He may have received a word about Trump, but it may not be from God. More study, research and prayer is needed.

    • Ok, yes, what they are describing here is the anti-christ. We know Jesus is the Messiah, so anyone else thought to be messiah is anti-christ, if not THE anti-Christ. While I have no personal experience with charismatics, I have read they are among those involved in the ecumenical movement, which is a counterfeit Christianity. Sorry, just commenting as it comes to me. Lol

      • I have experienced a charismatic environment and, I have to say, it has been more damaging than any other church experience of my life. There was so much dysfunction present. I don’t say that to judge those who attend, but I can read Galatians 5:22-23 and test the spirits. The Holy Spirit is not dysfunctional. And, the Holy Spirit will not bring certain behavior into a church because it totally contradicts what the Bible says about decorum and how to carry ourselves in the synagogues. There is a lot that happens in an extremely charismatic environment that does not line up with many other parts of scripture. Especially when you break down context in Greek and Hebrew roots. I absolutely believe there is a counterfeit spirit that has enticed hordes of people. Just my 2 pennies. So, I had concerns about this video and I wanted to show you, because I thought you would see it, too. This video is getting passed around.

  1. It was kind of confusing. It began with Trump being used by God to bless America and then it veered into Trump possibly being the John the Baptist for the antichrist. I agree with you, the Holy Spirit does not produce confusion and chaos.

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