Serve Him in the Waiting

Tempers are up.

Prices are up.

Immorality is up.

Earthquakes are up.

Joblessness is up.

Obama’s term is almost up.

And what do you know, with Donald Trump’s win, the stock market is also up!

A lot of people think that means things are looking up for America

But Christians continue  looking up, for our redemption is drawing nearer every day, and all our hope rests in God above, not in the things of this world.  If people have learned nothing from the events of the past decade, they ought to recognize how lightning-fast things on a global scale can change these days.  And one change that is coming will be faster than lightning! Even so, Lord Jesus, come!

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One thought on “Up

  1. With the dreams I have been getting, we need to stand firm with our armor on. I am having some serious dreams and they are so vivid. Nothing has changed (no new meds, not going off of meds, no late night snacks, no pizza before bed, etc.). These dreams are different.


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