Dear Christians, it’s not the church’s job to make us feel comfortable – TheBlaze

you think we ought to welcome people into the church by teaching them that they need not imitate Christ or keep His commandments? That’s not “the church” we’ve welcomed them into, sir. It’s damnation.

Christ died so that we may be released from the bondage of our sins. When you ask for Him to accept the very sin He shed His blood to free us from, you offend Him deeply. Worse, you reject His sacrifice. And when you reject His sacrifice, you reject the faith which was born from that sacrifice.

2 thoughts on “Dear Christians, it’s not the church’s job to make us feel comfortable – TheBlaze

  1. Thank you for posting this, Marcia. I especially appreciated this:
    “[The church] should welcome the penitent thief, as Christ did, but it should not and cannot welcome his thievery. Remember, only one of the thieves crucified next to Christ was invited into paradise. The one who renounced his crimes was promised Heaven. The other, who clung to his wickedness even up until the moment of death, was not offered an invitation. I wonder, if you were there on Calvary that day, would you have lectured Christ for not being sufficiently inclusive?”

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