I have no words …only angry tears 


7 thoughts on “I have no words …only angry tears 

  1. That’s what child prostitution is, that they just legalized in California. Making it legal only makes a way for Government to collect a portion of every “transaction” in the form of a tax. Legalizing pedophelia is just the next thing on the slippery slope. It is all heartbreaking. And sickening. The Lord will avenge the horrific things they do to children. They don’t arrest child prostitutes. They arrest the “Johns” and now that it’s legal, the police are freed up to concentrate on other things, and not concern themselves with the children. If a child is a prostitute they didn’t come up with that idea themselves, they are sold into it, forced into it. Come, Lord Jesus!! SOON!

    • Oh wow! This isn’t going to sound very nice, I know, but….you know the saying: Hell can’t be hot enough. Seriously, the only way I can make any sense of these people is to assume they have already been turned over to a depraved mind.

      • Honestly, I think that is it right there; being handed over to a depraved mind. I am just not convinced that when certain lines are crossed that the person will ever come back. That is up to God, of course, but logically I cannot accept it. It seems that once a certain line is crossed, something is irretrievably broken.

        I have had to stay away from the news in recent days, but I was curious about what is happening in current events. One big headline was about a mother raping and murdering her own daughter with her boyfriend. They had planned it for a year. At what point did this mother turn against her child? What happened here? How did it get this far? Is there truly a point of no return? My mind absolutely cannot comprehend it. My mind starts to boil and hiss at the thought of what it might take for a human being to cross so many lines to the point of harming their own child for their own sick gratification. Surely, the line gets crossed one compromise at a time until the point of no return is suddenly face-to-face with someone. Surely, there is a point at that line when someone’s conscious is alarming them to think twice.

        The sad part of this is, that headline in recent days is not the only headline in which a mother has harmed her own child for a sick fantasy. There are few more cases like it and a bunch of other cases in which mothers have been caught trying to sell a fantasy involving their young children for money online.

        In another story, I was reading about two college girls beating a puppy to death with a hammer and laughing about it. My heart is twisted and my stomach is lurching. It is getting so dark out there. People are filming themselves doing atrocious acts and putting it all on social media.

        Is all of this the norm we get to look forward to? Lord Jesus, just come quickly now. Please, Lord, gather the remnant and come quickly!

      • When underage kids were arrested for prostitution they would have a chance in court to expose the “John’s”. Now that those underage kids will not be arrested in the first place, the “John’s” will never be known and will have the freedom to expand their business without interference. The kids have zero protection now.

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