Well, here we go! “Mid-East Prophecy Update – January 22nd, 2017” 

Brother Farag says he continues to have a check in his heart about Trump. SO DO I! Believe me, I hope I am wrong. I hope my brothers and sisters in Christ are correct, that Trump is the answer to their prayers and is in fact a reprieve. Still. I have a bad feeling. 

Yes, liberals claim to hate him. My thoughts on that is this: Celebrities have “handlers”. That’s obvious. These handlers are a part of the antichrist system, or NWO. These handled celebrities have been brainwashed, blackmailed or paid to speak out against Trump. The average liberal citizen is deceived by their own socialist conditioning. Add to that the “rent-a-mob” protesters and you have the chaotic America we see today. 

Good, bible believing Americans cheer Trump’s support of Israel. However, do we really think someone with open hostility towards Israel would be the one to broker a covenant with many? No. It will be someone who claims to be a friend of Israel. Perhaps I am wrong.

Brother Farag makes additional points I won’t repeat here. Listen and decide for yourselves. 

3 thoughts on “Well, here we go! “Mid-East Prophecy Update – January 22nd, 2017” 

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  1. Regardless, time is so very, very short, and God wants ALL men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.* It is for us to press into Christ with EVERYTHING that we have (not being distracted by worries or dismay) and BE conduits of the Living Water: speak only what He is speaking, do only what He is doing SO THAT foolish virgins become wise, and SO THAT the unsaved receive Christ in time for His rapture of His Bride.
    *1 Tim 2:1-6a was spoken via Graham from the steps of the US Capitol during Trump’s inauguration. It is incumbent upon us to PRAY for all those in authority SO THAT we live in peaceful times SO THAT men will be saved in time with us. Amen.

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