Sometimes, it is indeed personal. Sometimes, it ought to be!

Serve Him in the Waiting


When you serve the Lord, expect opposition.  Sometimes it is not in the form of conflict or disruption in your life, but rather more personal than that. Satan attacks where we are most vulnerable. Even with the armor on, God doesn’t guarantee that we will win every skirmish.  Sometimes we will get some bruises.  An oft-overlooked and rarely focused-upon portion of the Ephesians 6 “Whole Armor” passage is that relatively passive instruction that says  “that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand“.

Sensitivity to and awareness of evil around us, is an ability that God gives in varying proportions to different believers.  A profound sensitivity is a gift that few of us would choose if given our “druthers”.  As humans living in this period of human history, there is an awful lot happening in our world which is terribly grievous to our…

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