First swap of 2017

This entry has nothing at all to do with Bible prophecy. ☺

You may not know this, but we have backyard chickens. Almost 200 backyard chickens, lol. We sell the eggs. We also sell chicks and any “extras” we may have. Hubs handles most of it, but it was my idea to get into chickens. My dream included 15 or so hens, enough to keep us and family in eggs. Maybe a rooster for protection. Once Hubs got bitten by the chicken craze, it was all chicken math after that. Full blown case of OCD: Obsessive Chicken Disorder. Ha ha!I have my favorite breeds, he has his. 

Today was the first chicken swap of the year. That’s where others with OCD get together to buy, sell and chat up our favorite fluffy butts. Other things are sold as well, such as goats, rabbits, pure bred puppies, plants/produce ( I bought an aloe plant) and homemade soaps, but chickens are the main attraction. Seriously, chicken people, and homesteaders in general, are unlike any other group and the comradery is wonderful. 

Even Dougie had a good time!

Anyway, we sold some extra roosters and our flock of White Rock hens and roosters. But of course we couldn’t come home empty handed! (Chicken math even stumped Pythagoras, I hear 😉 )

A Cuckoo Marans hen.

Red Orpington rooster
Red Orpington hen
The Red Orpington trio.

And then Hubs decided he simply COULD NOT leave without “Fred”.

Fred is so soft and reminds me of the Velveteen Rabbit.

Oh, I also sold a couple pairs of these earrings my cousin’s wife made. 

So. That was our day and a glimpse into our life. I’m a homesteader. We grow vegetables, raise chickens and home can our food like our grandmothers before us. It is a simple life. A good life. We call this blessing of ours, this place we call home, Blessed Hope Homestead. So, you see, even when I’m holding a chicken I’m still looking up! 😉🐔🐣

I hope you had a wonderful weekend too!