Mom of 3 Evades Human Traffickers In IKEA After Noticing These 4 Warnings. – InspireMore

A mom in Southern California named Diandra Toyos was recently on a shopping trip to IKEA when the unthinkable happened. As Diandra walked through the maze-like store with her three small children and mother, she began to get a “gut feeling” that something wasn’t right. While her kids happily tested out couches, Diandra became aware of a man watching them nearby. That’s when Diandra realized she and her children were targets of human trafficking.

She posted a photo of herself and her kids couch shopping—taken just before Diandra sensed danger—along with the lengthy caption below as a warning to others. Continue thru link below.

This is so scary. 

 “Recovering Biblical Womanhood”

I admit Brother Washer can come across as harsh, blowing a lot of hot air with lite grace. Here is a message I found to be a real blessing, not just because of the subject matter but because we see a side of him not shown in other messages. Half way through is where we see his humor. 

Biblical womanhood is a controversial and taboo topic in our culture, especially when we start throwing around the “S” word. However, the Word spells it out plainly. What we often forget is God has specific roles and instructions for husbands as well; Brother Washer does a fine job addressing this. In fact, this message should be entitled “Recovering Biblical Marriage”, for that is the gist of it.