Working on something 

I apologize for having not posted much lately and for not stopping by many of your blogs to say hi. I am working on a post that requires a bit of research and MUCH prayer.  

Also I have been preoccupied with the recent announcement of a young woman, whom I have known for 27 years (her entire life). She has decided to leave the protestant faith in which she was raised and join the RCC. Her fiancé is Catholic but she has also been dabbling in this for awhile, even becoming a Benedictine nun through the Anglican church. Several of us have tried warning her, to no avail. She even unfriended me on Facebook and blocked me from messaging her, but not me only….she also unfriended a well respected minister. She has a masters in education and was just given a scholarship for another masters at Columbia in NY. It is so very sad but I did what I could and continue to pray. Her confirmation is this Saturday.  I would appreciate it if any of you would pray for her as well. I suppose it is yet another sign of the times.

Lord willing, I will have my latest project posted tonight or tomorrow. Thank you for your support and I will talk to you soon.