Please Pray For A Precious Family

Loss, hurt and pain is part of the human experience.  So is death. The results of a fallen world, groaning from the weight of sin. Despite what some modern “ministries” claim, no one is exempt from the unpleasant aspects of life. However, the body of Christ can find comfort and peace among the trials, especially when we join together in prayer. 

A guy I grew up with (and present minister of a small country church) has suffered an unthinkable, devastating loss. Yesterday both his parents and his 3 yo daughter were killed in a collision with a semi truck. He has another daughter that was injured but is expected to pull through. 

I know his parents and there is no doubt whatsoever they are now with the Lord, as is his young daughter of course. He and his wife find comfort in that. He has declared this morning that God is good and he knows He has not abandoned him. 

Still, they need your prayers. Their remaining young children need your prayers. The extended family and church family also need prayer as so many lives were touched by the three that have passed on and their family.