Birth pains intensity is definitely taking an obvious upward tick right now

Serve Him in the Waiting

  • Hurricane Harvey: Multiple Billions of Dollars (latest estimate $180 B
  • The California fires August: 60 fires, Current: 62 (source) fires extend up into Oregon Washington and into Canada
  • Hurricane Irma now a Cat 5 storm and expected to hit Florida with catastrophic damage. Cat 5 means winds greater than 156 mph.
  • Hurricane Jose is right behind Irma and could follow the same path
  • North Korea launching nukes and directly threatening the U.S. and Trump saying U.S. will not tolerate it.
  • Israel now making good on its massive drill in prep for war in Lebanon
  • Global refugee crisis
  • Syrian war with a half million deaths in five years, and fight among factions of Islam for dominance in Middle East as a whole is escalating to a head
  • Instability in Turkish government and deeper involvement in Middle East War
  • Russia Aggression
  • Humanitarian crisis in Yemen, Houthi (Shiite, and allies of Iran)…

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