Hard Copy vs Electronic Bible

My Dreams and Visions

I am going to begin this post I by revisiting some prior dreams I’ve had on deception.

This first one was from 2012.

I had a dream 10/17/2012. In the dream I saw a safety razor, the kind one would use for shaving. I saw this razor being dragged over the Word of God. With each pass of the razor, a little bit of the Word, the truth, would disappear. The Lord said that this was deception . It starts out with truth and then, over time, shaves it away, a little at a time. I remember warning people in the dream to get into the word, meditate upon it and memorize it because the darkness is coming and the truth of the Word will be distorted by seducing spirits –

This second dream is from 2013

The Lord dropped a scripture into my spirit yesterday 06/12/2013 from the book…

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