A Dragon and the Vatican

My Dreams and Visions


I will start off this post by re-posting a dream I had in 2016.

I had a dream 01/10/16 where I saw, who I believe to be, the current Pope. He wasn’t standing addressing the crowds as I’ve seen on many occasions, instead, he was seated on the Papal throne. The throne, in my dream,was at the top of St Peters Basilica with the Pope seated upon it. Then I saw the building begin to implode with the Pope and his throne disappearing first within the building so that he disappeared from view. Then the building itself began to crumble in upon itself until there was nothing left. I don’t remember seeing rubble from the collapse of the building.

In a vision today 09/25/2017 I saw the Vatican as is pictured above. Only I saw a huge dragon perched on the dome of the Vatican and his claws were deeply…

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