1. Jesus stated that you would know them by their fruits not their gifts. Just because a manifestation of the Spirit makes one uncomfortable does not necessarily mean that demons are involved. If Jesus is being exalted and He alone is lifted up then the manifestation is of the Lord. Remember that on the day of Pentecost the 120 were considered drunk by the onlookers because of the behavior the crowd was witnessing. What does a drunk do? Stagger, laugh uncontrollably, etc. Bottom line is when Peter took over he brought the focus back to Jesus. If be very cautious of calling a movement demonic that the Holy Spirit is blessing because Jesus is exaulted.

    Jud 1:16 — Jud 1:21
    These men are complainers who look long and hard to find the faults of other men. They are led by their own lustful desires like fools down the path of destruction. They are arrogant liars who want only to get ahead of others.
    But you, friends, remember the words of the emissaries of our Lord Jesus the Anointed, the Liberating King: “At the end of time, some will ridicule the faithful and follow their lusts to the grave.” These are the men among you—those who divide friends, those concerned ultimately with this world, those without the Spirit. – You, however, should stand firm in the love of God, constructing a life within the holy faith, praying the Spirit’s prayer, as you wait eagerly for the mercy of our Lord Jesus the Anointed, which leads to eternal life.


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