How the Lord Has Been Dealing With Me…

You may have noticed a bit of a lull in posting on this blog. Apparently I am not alone. Several bloggers have mentioned to me they too felt compelled to pull away a bit. 

At first, for me, last year’s Presidential election wore me out. By the time it was over and the New Year began, I was spent. There was major spiritual warfare surrounding that election. I am still not convinced Trump is the blessing so many declare him to be, but he isn’t Hillary. The very thought of her being the leader of the “free world” literally left me ill. 

That brief reprieve led me into deeper self-reflection and God’s calling on my own life. No time for blogging then. 

I woke up on July 20th to the Holy Spirit telling me to go get my hair trimmed (I only do that about twice a year, max) and then go to the gym to workout. There’s something you need to understand: I don’t workout. Fibromyalgia, which encourages depression due to chronic pain, coupled with having an autistic daughter going through puberty which is VERY stressful….left me with ZERO desire to exercise. I was simply too exhausted from life and most days the fibro made it a real struggle to even walk across the room. Still. Here He was, telling me to go to the gym. Some are told to sell everything and move to the Amazon. I’m told to go to the gym. 😉 

I went. Fell in love with the rowing machine, because it works every muscle of the body while not putting any pressure on my joints. We, as a family, also gave up 95% of the processed sugar we were accustomed to consuming. The sugar in our sweet tea which we drink by the gallons was replaced with Stevia. Bottles of cold water found their way into our fridge and our hands. Fast food has become even less frequent (we didn’t eat much to begin with). More vegetables made their way into our home and bellies. I have not looked back, continuing to go to the gym 3 or 4 or even 5 days a week. He told me I was not going to continue the way I had been: stressed out, depressed, in pain and feeling defeated. 

I consider it my own personal miracle. 

Besides losing a few pounds (which continues to drop), there have been other benefits to my new lifestyle. The biggest and most important change is my ability to think clearly. Fibro generally comes with mental fog. I told my husband it was as if I had been sleep- walking for 15 plus years and I have finally woken up. 

Now I am starting see God’s greater plan in telling me to go to the gym that day. He is revealing more about Himself and His plans for me. He had to prepare my physical body before I could handle the more important spiritual matters at hand. I finally know what my primary gift of the Spirit is and He has shown me how there was evidence of it throughout my life, but I wasn’t ready for it until now. I still don’t know exactly how He plans to use me, how I can best serve Him, but He is teaching me more each day. How frustrating I must have been before, so caught up in my fleshly woes and desires. But He is gracious, merciful and patient…able to complete the work He is doing in me. In ALL of us!

That is what He is doing. He is preparing His bride. Cleansing and sanctifying her. The Spirit is moving strongly among His people. We all have a gift of the Spirit, meant to be used in His service and for the edification of the body. Just as He is strengthening my physical body, He is strengthening His body the church. 

May God bless you and keep you, dear readers. Maranatha!

P.S. In case you are curious, here is a picture of how total body the rowing machine is. Ha ha, I’m hooked. So far I have rowed over 64,000 meters (yes there’s an app for that!). Not bad considering I spent so many years groaning just to walk across the room! Ha ha! To God be the glory!!