A word in my spirit today

I would love any input you have. I am not used to this, but I want to follow the Lord’s leading. I pray fervently daily that I not be deceived or that I unknowingly deceive others. That is why I am cautious with my interpretations when I do not have confirmation that my interpretations are correct. Thanks for your prayerful consideration and thoughts. 

27 thoughts on “A word in my spirit today

    1. Marcia, I noticed you read “Thru The Blur”…I just realized I did not enable comments. At the time of her passing I had just turned 15.

      If you read my last post “This is It” (which was really difficult to write) He actually led me back and asked me to re-read to some of the writing I had begun for the book…I am debating sharing it & asking Him if finding this now was intentional.

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  1. The supplying of manna speaks to provision

    The time is coming where the mark will be required in order to purchase food and I had a vision of people standing in a grocery store checkout line. I saw armed guards there with machine guns. I saw the people in line pay for their groceries by swiping their hand over a scanner. This I’d a time when believers will have to trust in the Lord for sustenance.

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  2. I know nothing about the “latter rain movement.” I’m sorry if that’s what it sounded like I was inferring. It’s not.

    He will give me puzzle piece word suggestions as a starting point. I dug
    a little deeper (I have a variety of bibles including KJV) and in the KJV James 5:7 the latter rain is mentioned.

    He did give me a specific directive before I even posted the comment to begin with…So Father, please forgive me for forgetting this part. I was asked to “Stand with you in agreement.” Lord, Thank you. May your Manna from Heaven rain down on us all and fill us to overflowing. Amen

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      1. When it comes to movements or so-called movements of God the plumb line by which they should all be judged is whether it is Jesus or man whose receiving glory and not by whether it makes us feel uncomfortable.

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  3. Marcia, I think I watched your video 4x’s. I don’t know if this is interpretation but it’s what HS directed me to share: In the video He starts out having you say “The Time”…He pointed out the total time duration of your video 3:22. Then He pointed me toward the term “Latter Rain” in regards to manna and mentioned the word “multiply.” I also understood to translate the video length in reverse (3:22 > 2:23). Where that took me was Joel 2:23. For multiplication it was 3×22=66 (the only OT book I know of is Isaiah 66.)

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  4. I can’t say that I have a correct interpretation but from what I’ve been reading and watching online, and even sensing in my own spirit is that this may be the start of the endtimes outpouring of the Holy Ghost. That’s just the way I’ve been leaning or feeling like may happen soon. I’m interested in seeing what others have to say about this, too.

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